Tips Choosing Pens to Create Your Own Letter Art

Tips Choosing Pens to Create Your Own Letter Art

In this article, we have some tips to create your own letter art. Everyone, as long as they want and intend to, they can always make a letter art. Besides the message, the type of font you use and the color you choose determines the tone of the message itself.

Why do you need to choose the right pen?

Writing is not just about the message you want to give. It is also about the font you choose so you know what tone you are using. For example, you need to use chalk to write on a blackboard and a board marker for a whiteboard.

This thing is also applied to making a letter art. Besides for purposes, it helps the process to run easier and smoother. It is important to get an extensive selection of supplies and tools related to hand lettering. Again, it also depends on the style you want to imply when it comes to creating your own letter art.

Things to consider when choosing pens and pencils

Accuracy is the first thing you should consider. The pen should provide a precise yet smooth application. This aspect is much more imperative when you write within lines or coloring the paper.

You also need to check the tips of the pen or pencil. A precise outline is commonly provided by fine tips of a pen. It will be more ideal if the tip can be switched into thick and thin lines. Make sure that the tips are fine.

Color is the next thing you need to consider even if you only use the black ones. We advise you to purchase pens with vibrant colors even if those are the dark ones. The last on the list is its smooth application. Make sure the pen does not leave clumps or blotches when you put it on the paper.

Tips from insider

Before starting your hand lettering project, it will be much better if you warm up. 10 minutes of warm-up will prepare your creative hands and cells in it. If you find free stuff related to hand lettering online, you better take advantage of it. It is a good deal because it’s free!

If you intend to make this thing part of your hobby and something more serious, it is recommended to invest in hand lettering tools. You can start with what you need in the first place and continue with other stuff to create your own letter art.

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