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At some point, you need to create your own typography print. More than anything, typography is not a simple arbitrary letter arrangement. We always said that lettering and word arts art could be a medium to send a message through words. 

However, the message is not just in the word you are using. The fonts you choose also reflects the message. Long story short, it takes skills and practices to choose the right font for the right message. In this article, we have some tips to create your own typography print.

Understanding font types

There are many font types to make word art. However, there are 4 basic font types you can choose to make your project.

Serif fonts are the ones that have lines at the ends of the letter. This letter is good to make a traditional impression. Meanwhile, if you prefer something more modern with this style, you can go with Sans-Serif.

The third type is Scripts. Scripts fonts are something cursive and it shows a more handwriting style. You can choose from the casual ones, elegant impression, and even hand-drawn fonts under this type.

The fourth type is decorative or display. As its name suggests, these fonts are made to grab your attention. It is suitable for posters that want to create a specific effect on the work.

Font do matter

According to experts, choosing fonts is like choosing an outfit to attend an event. People loved to make assumptions about another person through their outfits. This thing is kind of happening in choosing fonts to make a project. 

You might not want to choose Jokerman for a funeral letter because it is like wearing a suit-and-tie to join a volley game at the beach. Each font has a tone and a vibe. You should have a sense of it before deciding on ones for your project.

Choosing fonts

Before you purchasing fonts, you better know what things you want to communicate. The context is very essential as well as the audience that will read the message. It helps you to narrow down the type of fonts you will choose. You might ask yourself about how the font supports your brand or match up with the purpose of your design. Also, you need to classify the character you want to show from your project before choosing fonts. And this is a few things you need to know to create your own typography print.

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