Marriage is a process or activity that aims to unite the couple’s relationship. Therefore, marriage is a very sacred and serious thing. In addition, marriages also occur once in a lifetime so this event is usually held with a very luxurious. To make your wedding to be very good, there are a lot of things that need to be prepared such as dresses, building rent, catering, and the most important is the invitation that is distributed to the guests. Therefore, the invitation must be designed as good and interesting as possible so that the invited guests feel very special. For that, you need to use fonts that can make your invitation more beautiful. Here are the invitation personalised wedding typographic prints.

Baroque Script

The Baroque Script is one of the most frequently used fonts in wedding invitations. This is because this font looks very beautiful and also neat. In addition, Baroque Script is very easy to read. This will certainly make the guests easy and also clear when reading it. Baroque Script is a font created by Jose Alberto Reyes Galvez and was officially launched in 2009. Baroque Script is available and can be downloaded for free through a variety of hardware such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Coneria Script

The other invitation personalised wedding typographic print is Coneria Script. This font was created by a well-known author, Måns Grebäck. Coneria Script is the best font of the others. Coneria Script is a font that can also be used to design wedding invitations. This is because this font has a very soft typographic shape but still gives the impression of elegance. In addition, Coneria Script is also formal so that this font can be used in any case.

Carolina Mountains

Carolina Mountains is a typographic print created by Billy Argel that has a very unique shape. Therefore, the Carolina Mountains are perfect for those of you who hold weddings with interesting themes such as rustic. In addition, this font can also be used for casual themes both indoors and outdoors. Carolina Mountains is a very perfect font and makes guests feel different when reading the invitations they get. The typographic print is also very beautiful so that it adds beauty to your wedding invitation.

Those are some personalised wedding typographic prints that can be used to add to the beauty of your invitation. Besides having very beautiful shapes, but you also have to choose fonts that can be read easily and also clearly by the guests. Make a very attractive invitation design so that your wedding is easy to remember and be remembered by many people.

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