Word Art is one of the applications or facilities created by Microsoft. The Word Art app has functions to make the text more interesting. This application is certainly very easy for everyone to use. Therefore, you don’t need to have skills in the field of graphic design. In addition, this application can also add the beauty of text in a worksheet found in Microsoft Word. In the worksheet, you can choose various attractive fonts as you wish. Here are the most used fonts personalised Word Art app.

Amatic SC (Small Caps)

Amatic SC is one of the fonts contained in the Word Art app that is often used. This is because Amatic SC is a very simple font but still has high quality. In addition, Amatic SC (Small Caps) is the most effective font by displaying Hebrew and Latin letters. Amatic SC was designed by Vernon Adams for Latin. Meanwhile, in Hebrew, it was designed by Ben Nathan. Amatic SC is usually used in the title or sentence of the text. Amatic SC is also available on the internet so that it can be downloaded easily through various devices such as computers, laptops, or mobile phones. This font is available free of charge and can also be used freely.


For comic lovers, it must be very familiar with one of these fonts. Banger is a font that is usually used by the personalised Word Art app, especially in making comic books. Banger is often used in superhero comic books in the 20th century. Just like Amatic SC, Banger is also a font designed by Vernon Adams. In comic books, the Banger font is commonly used in the text when the characters in it are hit. Therefore, Banger can also be one of the selected fonts that you can use in the text. Until now, Bangers has managed to appear on various websites to reach more than 190,000 websites.


Lobster is a different form of font than the previous one. This is because Lobster is included in the Bold Script classification which has a very beautiful shape. Different from before, this Lobster font was designed by Impallari Type. This font is very often used to write a letter. Besides having the beauty of the font, Lobster can also be used for formal or informal.

Those are the most used fonts personalised Word Art app. This application can also increase creativity and create feelings of pleasure for its users. This is because Word Art can change font shapes, sizes, colors, and so on so that the results that are released are very satisfying. 13 personalised word art canvas printst.

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