5 Tips to Create Your Own Typography Canvas

In this article, we want to share some tips to create your own typography canvas. Also, this will help if you are into hand lettering. First thing first, you need to invest in tools and supplies for sure.

#1 Choosing pens and pencils

Before you start writing, you should choose your pen and pencil in the first place. Mechanical pencils will allow you to have a sharp tip all the time. Meanwhile, lead-in pencils have a wide variety of thickness you can choose. About the pens, Micron (for fine tips) and Tombows (for brush pens) are on the recommended list by the masters of hand lettering.

#2 Choosing paper

It depends on your personal preference to create your own typography canvas. According to the expert, sketchbooks are a handy option. Meanwhile, tracing paper would be a good start for you who just start to hand lettering and practice. If you prefer a paper type that keeps the weights consistently, you can try graph paper. Also, Bristol would be a good choice for its smooth and thick character.

#3 Warming up

Hand lettering is like other skills. It takes time to practice and you may also warm-up to prepare your hand and mind before it gets serious. The warming up may include making angled straight lines, shapes, curves, and so on. Feel free to take your time because you need something accurate. It does not matter if you need to be slow when practicing.

#4 Start writing

Once your hands are getting comfortable with what they are facing, you can start lettering. You can take it from a small word or explore some letter styles. You can always fill the entire page or practice on multiple pages. This step is as essential as practicing. Sometimes, you will find a new yet inspiring thing from the practice sessions.

#5 Make a piece

So, when you start the serious piece, you can produce from scratch or you can also look into your practice session. Starting from a basic layout will be helping. Also, you can start light and make sure that each word fits each other when they are together.

After that, you can re-do it with the pens and erase the pencil lines if necessary. Feel free to give some accessories here and there but make sure you are not overdoing it. These are the tips on how you create your own typography canvas.

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